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UK Drone Technology Consultant

Our cheif pilot, Jonathan Malory, has over 15 years of drone use experience in a vast and varied field of scenarios in Yorkshire and throught the UK, including but not limited to live demonstrations in BBC studios, industrial inspections, power plant build progress reports, environmental case studies, aerial mapping and indoor drone use at warehouses, engineering plants, chemical factories and gas and electricity facilities.

As well as a long history in drone development, Jonathan is always at the forefront of what is happening right now, in 2024, what the best drone technology is out there for a given engineering, drone mapping or aerial filming task through real hands on experience and constantly updating Sky Filming's drone technology, software and related computer systems.

Purpose of Drone Use Consultancy

Jonathan is a technical specialist that can focus his expertise on integrating drone technology into your businesses or project, showing clients how to use drones efficiently to help reach objectives and targets.

In most cases hiring a drone professional is the most practical route, but in some cases companies and organisations may prefer to conduct drone work in house, utilising their own technical staff or engineers, but aren't sure where to start.

drone feasibility consulting at Newark-on-Trent factory in Nottinghamshire

Our Drone Use Consultancy Can: