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House Hunters Drone Filming in York

Property TV Show Drone Filming in York

For this project we were filming in our home town of York, which is always good. A little bit different than the normal property estate agent drone filming and photography though as this time it was for a TV show called House Hunters International. We have worked with them before, the last time was a […]

Fully electric EV Land Rover

4 X 4 Off Road Electric Vehicle Drone Filming

At Sky Filming we love electric vehicles. All our drones have been battery powered for over 10 years now, and we drive fully electric vehicles ourselves. Over the years we have had close ties with the renewable energy industry, and have conducted dozens of projects with green energy and solar power plants. So, we were […]

Staithes Seaside York Drone Aerial Photography

North Yorkshire Coast Drone Filming For Mini Drama Story

Based in Yorkshire, is always good to get to work along its beautiful coastline, which we have done a lot over the last ten years.This time we were working together with another York-based video company (Blow Your Trumpet Films) to film a short story for Whitby Museum at various locations along the coast and clifftops. […]

Filming with drones in London

London Suburb Large Tree Planting Filming

We’ve been working with an amazing company recently based in St Albans called Majestic Trees, a massive tree nursery that grows and sells huge fully grown trees. For this project we had the opportunity to film them delivering some trees to a property in a suburb of London, where they spent several days using articulated […]

Dartford Drone Filming Garden of Hope

We have filmed many projects with The One Show for the BBC over the last few years, but this one was actually the last part of a three part story with TV presenter Arit Anderson designing and installing a garden that incorporates specially chosen trees and plants as well as bespoke steam-formed furniture by sculptor […]

Drone fly around truck

Drone Filming Refrigeration Truck Trailers on a Misty Morning in East Riding of Yorkshire

This was the second time, almost exactly to the year, we’ve worked with a company called MBS that specialises in truck refrigeration transportation with various locations at home and abroad. The first visit’s purpose was to show the stock quantities at one of the sites in East Yorkshire, and this second visit was for that […]

Music video drone filming in North Yorkshire

Music Video Filming in North Yorkshire

2020 certainly was a strange year for filming, with no events or TV work, but we did manage to close the year working on a cool music video in some woods in North Yorkshire. As is often the case, we were working side by side with another video production company, also based in York, called […]

Morecambe Lancashire drone roof inspection

Morecambe Lancashire Drone Roof Survey

Roof surveys are a very common use for drones, being ideal for the task and not risking anyone’s safety by having to climb up onto the roof, or pay for costly scaffold or cranes. This drone roof inspection at the Lancashire seaside town of Morecambe was conducted for the landlords of a large building, of […]

York Large Property and Grounds Estate Agent Drone Filming

It was a wonderfully sunny day with beautifully coloured autumn trees for this job, plus it was in our home town of York in Yorkshire which is also a bonus. This is a large property that may be developed in the future, with a large grounds that covers many acres, and we were asked to […]

Bronte Falls drone filming howarth west yorkshire

West Yorkshire Drone Filming Howarth Bronte Falls

This was an interesting little sunny Autumn job that involved a small amount of hiking up into the hills a few miles away from Howarth to the area around Bronte Falls, a nice secluded spot that the Bronte Sisters used to visit while out exploring the wild moors featured in Wuthering Heights. Our mission though […]