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Commercial Industrial Estate Agent Land Drone Photography in York

This was a a local job for us, just on the other side of town from our offices, where we were asked by to capture some images from the ground and with a drone at specified angles, directions and heights. The subject was an empty plot of commercial land at York Monks Cross industrial estate, […]

Drone and ground camera filming and video editing York taxi company promo videos York Minster view

York Taxi Company Promo Video Filming and Editing

This month we were lucky to be asked to film and edit a promotional video for York’s leading taxi company, Streamline.The work entailed filming shots of their taxis at various locations around historic York with drones and on the ground, then editing the footage into a short video that showed some fo their services and […]

York New Road Drone Filming Construction Progress

Some of our work with drones and various other types of cameras involves visiting construction sites and building projects on a monthly basis to document progress. For instance we have documented the contruction of power plants, from digging the foundations to actively generating energy, and various types of factory and warehouse. A year ago today […]

Drone filming truck trailers

Truck Trailers Low Level Drone Filming

About once or twice per year we go to film and photograph lots of refridgerated truck trailers for a company that buys them from supermarkets and other places to renovate and sell on. Their company has grown year on year for the last 4 years or so we’ve been visiting them, and one of the […]

Roof Lights Drone and Indoor Photography York St John University

As always it’s great to get some local work, especially at our favourite university, York St John. For this assignment we were tasked to get some aerial shots of some rooflights, skylights, from above a new building, the nicely designed York St John Creative Centre, for the company that installed these special windows that light […]

Large Scale Land Estate Agent Drone Photography

Drone property photography and videos for estate agents in Yorkshire and across the UK is something we regularly undertake, and drones are the ideal platform for capturing the scale of large houses, office buildings and schools. In this instance, however, we were working for Savills UK in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Northumberland capturing drone aerial images […]

Wind Farm Turbine Height Drone Inspection

Drones are an obvious choice for inspecting large wind turbines, which is why we have done a few of them in the past. A drone can be used to inspect the full length of the tower, all the way up to the gearbox and generator nacelle, hub and rotor blades that are otherwise very difficult […]

House Hunters Drone Filming in York

Property TV Show Drone Filming in York

For this project we were filming in our home town of York, which is always good. A little bit different than the normal property estate agent drone filming and photography though as this time it was for a TV show called House Hunters International. We have worked with them before, the last time was a […]

Fully electric EV Land Rover

4 X 4 Off Road Electric Vehicle Drone Filming

At Sky Filming we love electric vehicles. All our drones have been battery powered for over 10 years now, and we drive fully electric vehicles ourselves. Over the years we have had close ties with the renewable energy industry, and have conducted dozens of projects with green energy and solar power plants. So, we were […]

York Guild Hall Renovation Drone Filming and Roof Model

It’s always great to be part of projects in our hometown, especially is that place happens to be York, a city full of historical buildings and architecture like The Guildhall. For the last couple of years The Guildhall York has been undergoing renovations, mainly to the roof but also to some new building work on […]