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Drone fly around truck

Drone Filming Refrigeration Truck Trailers on a Misty Morning in East Riding of Yorkshire

This was the second time, almost exactly to the year, we’ve worked with a company called MBS that specialises in truck refrigeration transportation with various locations at home and abroad. The first visit’s purpose was to show the stock quantities at one of the sites in East Yorkshire, and this second visit was for that […]

Music video drone filming in North Yorkshire

Music Video Filming in North Yorkshire

2020 certainly was a strange year for filming, with no events or TV work, but we did manage to close the year working on a cool music video in some woods in North Yorkshire. As is often the case, we were working side by side with another video production company, also based in York, called […]

Morecambe Lancashire drone roof inspection

Morecambe Lancashire Drone Roof Survey

Roof surveys are a very common use for drones, being ideal for the task and not risking anyone’s safety by having to climb up onto the roof, or pay for costly scaffold or cranes. This drone roof inspection at the Lancashire seaside town of Morecambe was conducted for the landlords of a large building, of […]

York Large Property and Grounds Estate Agent Drone Filming

It was a wonderfully sunny day with beautifully coloured autumn trees for this job, plus it was in our home town of York in Yorkshire which is also a bonus. This is a large property that may be developed in the future, with a large grounds that covers many acres, and we were asked to […]

Bronte Falls drone filming howarth west yorkshire

West Yorkshire Drone Filming Howarth Bronte Falls

This was an interesting little sunny Autumn job that involved a small amount of hiking up into the hills a few miles away from Howarth to the area around Bronte Falls, a nice secluded spot that the Bronte Sisters used to visit while out exploring the wild moors featured in Wuthering Heights. Our mission though […]

West Yorkshire Drone Road Build Construction Survey Complete

15 Month Road Building Construction Progress Drone Aerial Video and Photography

We have carried out many monthly drone video and aerial and ground photography over the past ten year, and they are among the most interesting work we do.It’s a fascinating experience tracking the development of a building project, whether it be a large factory, a power station or, in this case, a new road built […]

Self Driving Racing Car Speed Trials Drone Filming

About a year ago we got a call from a guy in New Zealand asking if we could pop over to Elvington Airfield, about 20 minutes away from our offices, to drone film a fully autonomous electric racing car practicing an attempt on the world speed record for driverless cars, so obviously we did! We […]

Internal drone roof instection Gateshead

Internal Drone Factory Roof Inspection

A lot of our work involved flying drones indoors, inside factories and warehouses for corporate videos and internal build progress reports. Roof inspections are usually conducted outside, using drone cameras to zoom in on tiles, slate roofs, aluminum roofing, guttering and other rooftop features. However, on this occasion we were asked to use a drone […]

Ferrybridge Multifuel Power Plant

Multi-fuel Power Plant Drone Filming Induction Photography

Ferrybridge has been a location for power stations since the 1920s, with old technology being replaced by new several times over the decades. The currenct transformation is from the old coal fuelled plant to the two new multi-fuel power plants, one 64 mw plant already operational and another 90 mw plant next door, designed to […]

Leicestershire Aviation Museum Drone Aerial Filming

Bruntingthorpe Drone Aerial Mapping

Bruntingthorpe is a huge old airfield near Lutterworth in Leicestershire that is now home to a thriving automotive business community, vehicle testing and proving ground and open air aviation museum. All around the airfield runways, now a race track for testing cars and motorbikes, are buildings that house various businesses mostly connected to the automotive […]