How drones are being used by Sky Filming

York Drone Roof Inspection High Roof

There are a lot of multi-storey terraced buildings on the old streets of York, many of which require roof repairs from time to time.

This particular roof was on the ancient street of Micklegate on a building that’s separated into flats or apartments. Some of the flats on one side were seeing water leaking down the walls, so there was obviously something wrong with the roof.

The roof was too high to easily get a look and find the problem, way out of reach of ladders and even most cherry pickers, so a drone was the obvious choice to locate the issue so that scaffolding could be erected in the correct location.

We took photos and videos of the entire roof; tiles, gutters, chimneys and flashing etc. The problem was the gutter at the back was blocked by a slipped tile and other debris that had built up around the tile.

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