How drones are being used by Sky Filming

York New Road Drone Filming Construction Progress

Some of our work with drones and various other types of cameras involves visiting construction sites and building projects on a monthly basis to document progress. For instance we have documented the contruction of power plants, from digging the foundations to actively generating energy, and various types of factory and warehouse.

A year ago today we began visiting a site in York, our home town, to document the construction of a new road and bridge behind the railway station being built by Sisk. With another year to go we are at the halway point, creating video clips flying through the site, overhead images and a hi resolution map of the entire length of the new road as it develops, as well as an aerial 360 virtual tour that engineers use in meetings to discuss the project and the next steps that need to be taken.

It’s great to be involved with such an exciting project with large scale machinary literally in our backyard because we love our hometown, plus there is an added bonus of being able to get year round aerial photographs of the city from above the construction site, from a place we would otherwise not be able to go.

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