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Property TV Show Drone Filming in York

For this project we were filming in our home town of York, which is always good.

A little bit different than the normal property estate agent drone filming and photography though as this time it was for a TV show called House Hunters International.

We have worked with them before, the last time was a few years ago in Cambridge, so it was nice to work with them again in beautiful York.

House Hunters International in an American TV show that airs in the States, where the subject, usually a couple, is looking for a house oversees. They visit three or four houses in their chosen location and decide on which one to buy.

It’s a familiar and popular TV program formula in many countries, including the UK. For this episode we visited three properties in different parts of York to capture them from various angles and aspects, in a very similar way to estate agent work actually, except a little more creative.

House Hunters Drone Filming in York

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