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Morecambe Lancashire Drone Roof Survey

Roof surveys are a very common use for drones, being ideal for the task and not risking anyone’s safety by having to climb up onto the roof, or pay for costly scaffold or cranes.

This drone roof inspection at the Lancashire seaside town of Morecambe was conducted for the landlords of a large building, of the type often seen on big industrial estates.

It was a bit different to the usual massive shed type buildings in that it has a multilevel roof with a slightly more complicated guttering structure. To inspect a large roofing system like this without a drone would likely take days instead of under an hour with a hi res drone photography camera setup that we use.

Every inch of the roof is covered by the drone’s camera, as well as close details of the guttering, so that engineers, insurers and owners can see if any work needs doing to the roof, if it is damaged, and if there are any major obstacles blocking the guttering.

In this case there wasn’t too much to find that needed fixing, with perhaps only a bit of plant-life that may need removing from the gutters in a couple of places?

Thanks to our drone roof inspection PDF and images it would be a relative simple task to go directly to the growing plants and remove them if need be, in comparison to wasting time searching the entire roof for such things.

Morecambe Lancashire drone roof inspection Morecambe Lancashire drone roof inspection

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