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Yes Energy Solutions Solar Panel Inspections in Leeds

Solar Panel Inspections

We used our roof inspection drones and telescopic camera pole to help YES Energy Solutions, an award winning energy efficiency company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, make a report on some of their solar PV panel installations at various locations in and around Leeds.

They gave us a list of leisure centres, schools, care homes and museums where they had previously installed solar panels and aided in reducing energy costs in the Leeds area. A number of years had past so they needed to make a report for Leeds City Council, who own the buildings, regarding any wear and tear on the solar panels and any damage or obstructions from plant and tree growth that may be affecting them.

In the past this would have involved climbing up to the roof with scaffolding or a cherry picker crane and physically looking at the solar panels at each location. This style of roof access inspection is very expensive because of the equipment needed, and very time consuming to organise and implement.

Drones are the obvious and perfect tool for this kind of job, where they can fly very close to the roof of any building, whether it be two floors high or two hundred floors high, as they capture highly detailed image and video clips that engineers and surveyors can peruse for telltale signs of damage and repair needs.

Telescopic Camera Pole Roof Inspection

We had a complication with two of the Leeds City Council buildings in that they were both within 5 miles of Leeds Bradford Airport, which is generally a no fly zone for drones. It is possible to arrange to fly near airports if you can liaise with their ATC and come to an agreement, but in both these cases the roofs were only two and three stories high which meant our 15m hand held camera pole with hi definition zoom camera was able to cover every inch of the solar panels without needing the special drone permission for flying near airports.

So, with a combination of our latest drone technology and a camera pole, Yes Energy Solutions were able to complete their report for Leeds City Council, in a much cheaper and greener way than previously possible.

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    • Ajay Verma on June 3, 2019 at 3:24 am


    It’s good to see that Yes energy solutions use drones for the inspection of the solar panel. I’m glad to see that they are this much effort to check if all the solar panels are working properly or not. I read your blog thoroughly and I think it is efficient to use drones for the solar panel inspection as it saves time and a lot of energy.

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