How drones are being used by Sky Filming

Celotex Factory Build Progress

Celotex factory build progress
Celotex is an insulation product, owned by Saint-Gobain who make glass products such as car windows, and they asked us to use our drones to document the building of a new factory near Eggborough, next to the old power plant, in North Yorkshire.

Drone Video and Computer Models

It has been a very quick build, starting late in 2016 when we first visited, and due to finish very soon, we are now in July 2017. We used our drones to collect video clips and hundreds of aerial photographs. As well as supplying video and photography, we have also created a number of 3D computer models of the site and factory, and full overhead orthographic projections, using specialist hardware and computer software.

Drone Roof Inspection

A few visits ago, a few weeks after the roof was completed, we conducted a drone roof inspection. This involved getting in very close to all the roof details, especially the guttering and places where the different elements of the roof join together, to gather very clear imagery and video so the engineers can inspect the work and spot any faults that need fixing before the factory opens.

Drone Filming Inside the Factory and Video Production

Our latest drones have the capability to fly safely indoors, using pattern recognition on the floor to hold a steady position. We conducted various indoor flights at Celotex, and in our early June 2017 visit we collected footage and created an edited video walk-through of the factory to be watched by site visitors. Flying inside we can also get shots of details high up near the ceiling that are very difficult to see from the ground, and quite time consuming to collect with a crane or cherry picker.

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