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York Retirement Home Drone Roof Survey

Roof inspections and drone roofing, guttering and chimney surveys are among one of our most regular jobs. They offer a cost effective way to assess damage, if there is any damage or not to roof tiles and chimney piles and check out the state of the gutters and look for breaks and blockages at the same time.

In many cases, like with this York retirement home, it would be extremely expensive so survey the roof the old fashioned way, erecting scaffolding around the entire building or hiring an expensive cherry picker over a number of days. Using our survey grade drones we can capture hi res images and video that the clients can use to inspect the roof in under an hour for a good sized building, then they only need to pay for the scaffold, or a roofer with ladders, when and where the work needs doing, if it needs doing at all?

This old building in York has a fairly complex roof structure, with perpendicular dormer roofing at intervals along the main roof interspersed with old chimney stacks. With our roof survey drone we were able to get shots of all the details needed from all aspects of the roof. We also created an overall computer model of the roof to use as a reference for the individual hi res photographs.

Working with our drones in York, our home town, is also a bonus for us as it’s great to work with local businesses, in this case a York-based property management company.

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