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Drone Filming Refrigeration Truck Trailers on a Misty Morning in East Riding of Yorkshire

This was the second time, almost exactly to the year, we’ve worked with a company called MBS that specialises in truck refrigeration transportation with various locations at home and abroad.

The first visit’s purpose was to show the stock quantities at one of the sites in East Yorkshire, and this second visit was for that same purpose with a few extra bits.

Unfortunately, unlike last year which was a very sunny day, this visit was misty and damp. However, is was something that needed to be done on that day so we just went with it, misty drone video clips and photographs and all. However, we may be going back on a sunnier day later in the year?

As well as showing off their huge quantities of refrigeration trailer units, we also created some mini video clips and 360 fly around clips of individual reconditioned units that can be sent to prospective clients via WhatsApp and other forms of social networking apps that require smaller file sizes.

We are also able to convert video clips into animated gifs like the truck trailer fly around seen here.

Drone fly around truck

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