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Kolina Drone Aerial Photography Feasibility Studies

Kolina Drone Feasibility Studies

Kolina manufacture modular water treatment and water cleaning technology that fits inside a shipping container sized housing for use at factories that use a lot of water to clean their products. These are usually food factories where they need to clean things like potatoes or carrots etc, where,┬ábecause of environmental regulations, they can’t just flush the water back into the system after use, it has to be cleaned first. Kolina’s water treatment process uses cutting edge technology that doesn’t need chemicals to clean the water, and takes up a lot less space than older technology used for the same purpose, which typically uses up an entire building.

We have visited various sites with Kolina, including crisp factories in Bradford and Lincolnshire and a dessert factory in Newark, Nottinghamshire, where our drones have been used to capture aerial photographs to be used in a feasibility study of the site to choose a suitable location to install their water treatment container. We have also conducted aerial photography for Kolina to show one of their containers in situ next to the much larger building it replaced.

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