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London Suburb Large Tree Planting Filming

We’ve been working with an amazing company recently based in St Albans called Majestic Trees, a massive tree nursery that grows and sells huge fully grown trees.

For this project we had the opportunity to film them delivering some trees to a property in a suburb of London, where they spent several days using articulated lorries to transport their massive trees and large machinery and diggers to plant them.

It was amazing to see how efficient they were and film the whole process from start to finish, loading the trees, transporting the trees, offloading them, digging the huge holes and planting the tress and using heavy duty cables to keep them stable while they grow in.

Using drone and cameras on the ground we were able to document the procedures then create a fully edited video with music using the video we’d captured.
Here is the video on Majestic’s Youtube:

Filming with drones in London Filming in London Filming with drones in London

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