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Multi-fuel Power Plant Drone Filming Induction Photography

Ferrybridge has been a location for power stations since the 1920s, with old technology being replaced by new several times over the decades.

The currenct transformation is from the old coal fuelled plant to the two new multi-fuel power plants, one 64 mw plant already operational and another 90 mw plant next door, designed to burn mixed fuel including biomass, fuel from waste and waste wood.

We got to see the old and the new side by side when we were asked to capture drone aerial images and video clips for use in site inductions, health and safetey instructions for new site visitors.

As well as capturing many images from all angles, we gathered a number of plan view images to make it easier to highlight emergency muster points, walkways and other safetly routes and regulations for the power plant.

In a few months one of the iconic cooling towers will be demolishes, then later in the year a further four will be demolished, leaving only three. To many these are a landmark by the A1 motorway that marks the way home and may even miss them when they are gone, so we feel lucky to be able to capture these final images of all the towers still standing.

Still, progress is progress and everything changes and no doubt locals were upset when the cooling towers were first built?

Below are a couple of our drone aerial photographs of the new multifuel power plants, and the old closed plant next door with all its cooling towers.

Ferrybridge Multifuel Power Plant Ferrybridge Cooling Towers

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