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Cooling Tower Drone Video Still

BP Drone Aerial Video Promotion

Sky Filming spent the day at a British Petroleum gas plant near Hull to gather drone aerial video clips for a commercial production. In this case Sky Filming’s drones were used in conjunction with a video production company called VIP to create a promotional video for British Petroleum’s gas plant at Salt End in Hull. […]

Wates Construction Progress Drone Photography

Sky Filming used a drone to photograph the construction progress of a sweet factory near Castleford in West Yorkshire. For us, these type of projects, using our drones on large construction sites, are among the most interesting tasks we carry out. It means we get to see inside places and see people working with machinery […]

Heineken Drone Aerial Mapping and 3D Computer Model

Sky Filming worked in conjunction with a Belgian and German company and created a 3D model of the Heineken Brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. This was a very interesting project that started with a phone call from a company in Belgium that wanted us to use our drone to take GPS tagged images of the […]

BBC Newsnight Drone Flying Live in TV Studio

Sky Filming has been involved with the BBC on various projects, but it all started with a nail biting performance on BBC Newsnight!. In August 2012 we got a call to ask about the feasibility of flying a drone in a BBC studio live on air! This was a very exciting proposition because, at the […]